Material properties: Confusion on how to use it

Hi everyone,

I am confused on how to manipulate the Material properties.

Let’s say that I just want to change the color of a portion of an object. I understand that I am supposed to hit Properties, and then Material. So far, so good.

But then what, please?

I get a drop-down menu giving me the choice of Use Layer Material, which doesn’t lead to anything; Use Object Parent, which again doesn’t lead to anything; or Default Material. If I click on that, then the choices are Custom, Gem, Glass, Metal, Paint, Picture, Plaster, Plastic. So I will choose one of those, and then I hit the color area. I can click on that and change the color.

But then, how do I get that color to show up on my object?

Thank you very much.


A couple of things, first, note that in addition to the options you listed, there is also an item Use a new material:


At the bottom you see a Plaster material I have previously created, by clicking Use a new material. You may want to use a new material instead of changing the default material, depending.

And second, if you are not seeing the material you chose, it may be that you need to switch your viewport to Rendered mode, by clicking on the little arrow of the viewport tab, found at top left:


In the menu that appears, you should be able to choose Rendered, to see the materials.

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Another way…Drag the material to the object; Tool tip shows ‘Assign.’ Raytraced mode also works.

moved to Rhino for Windows.

Hi everyone, and in particular jdhill and Fred_C,

Now I see. I have to be in Rendered mode for it to work.

Thank you so much. Now I am moving along.


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