Material preview on assigned objects?

Any chance we could see the material updating on the objects as we change texture map scalling or repeat in the “color” menu. I’ve been doing a lot of in-and-outs from the material menu as I attempt to dial in textures… fingers crossed it’s an option I haven’t figured out how to turn on.

For reference, the Maxwell plugin does this: real-time feedback on all assigned objects as you change texture map scale and repeat.


Do you mean the texture editing of one assigned to the color channel of a Rhino Custom material? You should use the material editor for that (Materials panel). The texture popup you get when using the properties panel is modal.

AH ok. I don’t totally know what modal means but I see that this workflow gets me what I want. Thanks.

modal means blocking. Nothing updates in the rest of the UI until the changes have been confirmed by pressing the OK button.