Material panel utilization

When I am working with everything related to rendering/textures/mappings in Rhino I often work inside a tiny Panel.

This Panel size is good ~90% of the time when I just swap materials, quick-change some simple stuff.

I don’t think I can either spend that much screen estate and arrange my Panels like that:

Dragging Panel out of its place is way too messy and risky - you can very quickly regret pulling it out.

Extremely helpful would be if I could double click on the Materials Panel icon and this would popup me big popup window, where I could comfortably do some more serious tasks.

Closing this window would return Materials Panel (and maybe other rendering related panels) to its original place.

(This could be done for all the panel btw.)

There is actually a but logged for this already - I’m not sure if we’re going to have enough time to do it for V7, but it’s on the list.