Material Load into Flamingo Very slow


I’ve been using flamingo for a number of years and have recently switched offices. With the switch, i’m trying to convince the new firm to buy rhino/flamingo and so i’m using a trial of both. I’m making a very simple kitchen rendering.

As i’m loading in new materials, i’m finding that it is taking 1-2 minutes to load in the standard flamingo materials from the library. I’m new to nxt 5, we had not upgraded yet. whats up?

separately, the thumbnail rendering within flamingo takes a surprisingly long time for simple materials (more than 10 seconds)

nxt 5 5.0.16179.14183
rhino 5.13.60523.20140

working on local drive
xeon e5-2650 v2 @ 2.6 (32)
32 gigs ram
nvidia quadro k4000 - 4gigs ram
windows 7 64 bit

Sorry for the delay, I just saw this post. I’m not seeing this delay in loading materials or thumbnail previews here. At a guess, I wonder if it might be GPU related. Try the Quadro performance adjustments at the bottom of this page to check…

FYI, you can also email to ask any technical questions directly too.