Material listing order and duplication

How is listing order set in the Materials Panel? How is it changed by the user?
How to duplicate or copy/paste a material to create a new one based on the original?

in the material list context menu you will find Copy, Paste (both Paste, and Paste as Instance), and Duplicate commands, as well as one for sorting the list alphabetically

Not finding a way to use those, because when the materials list is active a material is always selected (can’t fiure out how to unselect it) so “Paste” replaces it with the copied one

I am not seeing that behavior here – yes I do not see a way to unselect all materials, but as long as you click somewhere outside of a material item, it is working as expected (Plaster 2-4 are pasted copies of Plaster 1)


the same is true here for the other grid/list display modes, though it is tougher to find an area to click that’s outside of a material item (I find space at the bottom of the list, or in grid view, if there is a “tile” not taken by a material)

I was in List View and from what I can tell deselection isn’t possible in those zones (or anywhere else) in List View. At least I couldn’t find a way. It seems to require Tree View, as you show.
Thanks jd.

Deselection of a material in the Materials panel when in List view is possible by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the thumbnail image for the material or the area above or below the name field like this…

Does that work for you?