Material Library is now useless


(Drichards) #1

I need help. I recently upgraded my Rhino 5 and Flamingo NXT to the latest available (on 10-10-2018). (Flamingo now more integrated in Rhino.) Since doing so my material library (particularly textures) is all hosed up. For example: teak deck texture is way out of scale and rotated 90 deg from what it was. It took about 3 hours of trial and error to fix it - which was adjusting tile size to what seemed ridiculous numbers. The next day the texture had reverted to a hosed up condition. Tile size showed what I had changes it to the previous day. So after another 3 hours screwing with texture size and rotation I got it fixed. Today the texture is rotated 90 deg off and I will have to fix it again. Tile size also has a different look and must changed again.

Ihave experienced this wityh all of my wood textures as well as my Ocean Water

Today I checked for updates and installed a new service update (Flamingo Release55_Release_2018410_1117). Flamingo About shows that I have Version 5.0.18100.1000 Rev 1010 Toolkit Version 1.0.357.0.

What Am I doing wrong??

example of teak deck today:

example of it fixed yesterday:

Any help greatly appreciated.


(Drichards) #3

Here is another example of what I get. I just can not control it. I tried switching the render engine back to NXT but no joy.

Here is the jpg that texture is created from