Material in ONE FACE goes in wrong direction in Vray/Rhino box mapping

Propably a very basic problem.
I did the material through the box mapping but after rendering I can see that one face (in Rhino object) has the material going in the wrong dirextion.

How to get the same direction in ALL the faces?
(There is one box mapping around the whole object).


I have trouble understanding. Can you post an image of the problem?

Ok, attached is a super quick rendering :wink:
You can see that one particular face in the corner having a different direction. Both feets have their own box mapping (because they are separate objects).


Then you select all the surfaces that you want to have the same mapping and then apply the box mapping.
But these surfaces should all be joined together as one polysurface anyway.

Yes, it has been one joined object all the time but for some reason this one corner is a bit lost :wink: