Material icons are sometimes white

Hi guys, this is happening quite often in the material panel, do you know what causes it?

If I click on the object and look at the material then it looks fine:

Hi Jorgen - I have not seen (noticed) this but I’ll fool around with it and see if I can reproduce - the current renderer is Rhino?


Hi Pascal, current render is Rhino NXT, and it is a file I use inserted in another file. I can’t share it though :frowning: (Maybe I can extract a part and reproduce it, I’ll test tomorrow)

Hi Jorgen - thanks, that may be enough to go on, I’ll try to reproduce.
So far I see some blank for a moment but they fairly quickly fill in. Does your example have lots of materials? Textures?


Hi Pascal, good, thanks.

Nope, as you can see from the first image I have only two materials, where one has a texture with a World scale cube mapping. (Love that stuff btw, makes my life so much easier when making quick visualizations)