Material Editor


the Material Editor in V4 has a horizontal toolbar with several icons like New, Delete etc.
In V5 there is the wrench symbol only, and the commands are in the dropdown menu.

Is there a way to get the look like in V4?


Sorry - no. There’s no way.

What is it that you miss? New is now the “+”. Delete - press the delete key.

Hi Andy,

I don’t miss anything.
It was a customer who complained that he has an additional mouse click.
All good so far.


Ok. If you find out exactly what that click was, let me know.

To do something you must first click on the wrench.
Then click on the wanted menu item.
This is two clicks.

An icon requires one click.

The wrench/menu solution would be also good if the menu would be appear immediately after mousedown.
Then moving the mouse to the wanted item, release mouse button.
This is also one click.


It’s not as obvious as you think. It’s usually the case that there’s a juggling act going on, and in this case, it’s single-clickability vrs screen real-estate. There’s also the issue of “perceived complexity”, but let’s not go there right now.

My opinion is that the “single click” argument isn’t as important as prioritisation of the “click space”: For example, do we need a single click for “Save to file”? The answer, in my humble opinion, is that since saving to a file is done rarely, two clicks isn’t that big a deal. If something is done all the time - the the argument for single click access becomes stronger.

In other words, I’m asking - not for stuff that you can no longer do with a single click - but for a specific thing that annoys the user because it significantly degrades his ability to get his work done.

I agree with you about the mouse down stuff though - that’s a bug.

  • Andy

Hi Andy,

Full agree.

I also agree that two clicks for less used functions may be ok.

We don’t need to discuss about one or two clicks if the wrench would just show the menu on mousedown.
As you said it’s just a bug or glitch.

I remember I had a similar complaint with the cascading toolbars, and that was solved in the end.

The customer simply didn’t find the wrench.
He thought all must be done with a right click, which works, but is even more cumbersome.


I’ve just checked in a fix so that the wrench now shows the menu on mouse down.

Wow, thank you!