Material editor tab bugs

Hi McNeel
Editing the name of a material in the “overview” part of editor window is broken. If you click to select and click again to edit, you can’t:
a) delete more than one character at a time, as this will try to delete the actual material
b) double click to mark entire words, as double clicking will launch the material editor window
c) use the mouse+lmb+drag to mark multiple characters/words. The cursor just grinds to a hold after 1 character, trying to move/re-arrange the material instead.

In the video below I’m trying to delete the word “test”.

Also, due to the delete-thing from a), if you have an unassigned material, trying to edit the name of an unassigned material by using the delete button will just straight up delete the material, as no warning pop-up appears for unassigned materials.

Regards, Jakob

You can create a really weird discrepancy between the name of an assigned material shown in the overview and in the material editor by:

  1. click to select the material
  2. click again to edit
  3. hold ctrl+shift+left arrow to de-select the last word
  4. press Delete to delete the word(s) still selected
  5. click No in the “Do you really want to delete this material” box
    Now you have a material that has one name in the overview and another in the material editor. You might have to repeat this step one or two times for the bug to pop up (for the name in the overview and in the material editor to be different, that is).

Some tuning-up to do there :slight_smile:
Regards, Jakob

Hi Jakob, thanks for reporting

RH-75197 Material editor name issues

instead of double click, click twice (this works the same in the layer panel)

Hi @Gijs
Thanks - but the last one is not quite what I meant. I know that clicking twice (aka slow double click :joy:) will make it go into edit mode. What I’m talking about is once you’re in “edit mode”. In V7 (in both layer and materials) you can dbl-click to mark entire words. In WIP the material names - once you’ve "slow dbl-clicked - will launch the material editor and (I’ve just realised) in the layers menu it will make make the layer you are currently editing the active layer - see video.

TIA, Jakob