Material dissapeares when duplicating

when I duplicate and give a material a new name. It replaces the former material and
does not duplicate.

to replicate: right click material, select dupicate. rename new material, press enter

Hello - so far I don’t see this… is it 100% repeatable for you?


Hello. Just tested it on another machine. same thing
will try to get a quick screen capture (3.4 MB)

wierd. some do and some do not .

this is on windows 7 if it matters

Hello - that is weird - can you please make a box, apply a material that misbehaves, and then export the box to a new file… try the same procedure and if it still does not work, please post or send me the file…



dupbug.3dm (227.2 KB)

Got it, thanks, I can reproduce that here.

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RH-42802 is fixed in the latest BETA

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Much respect. Thanks.