Material Colour at Mesh Point

I have a Mesh with a Material applied to it (no UV wrapping of any sort)
If I have a point on that Mesh (via MeshEval say) is there a way to access the Material and sample the colour at said point?
Whether by sampling it directly, or somehow figuring out the uv of that point and cross referencing with the Texture image?

Found a workaround.

Convert each mesh face in to a surface (I’ll call this the mesh surface)
Get mesh.TextureCoordinates and create surfaces for each face as well (calling this uv surface)

SrfCP to find the uvP of the (reparameterized) mesh surfaces.
EvalSrf using said uvP on the (reparameterized) uv surfaces to find the uv location.
Plug the uv location in to an Image Sampler with said texture.