Material changes to something else without my knowledge

I am a beginner of Sai studying with the trial version.
I don’t speak English, so I use translation software. It may be strange English.
As you work, the material is unknowingly changed to another material. At first I thought I forgot to save it, but the material of the model I didn’t touch at all changed to another material without my knowledge. If you change the snapshot to another view and immediately return to the first view, it behaves strangely, such as changing the material to another material.The material of the block instance also changes suddenly, so I don’t think it’s my mistake. Is this a bug? Please tell me what to do.

I am using Rhino6 SR29.
Windows10 64
Intel core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.8GHz
GeForce GTX1050Ti / intel HD Graphics 630

To be clear, are you using snapshots? Have you tried deleting all the snapshots are creating them again?

Could you share some screenshots and your .3dm file? (only export the objects in question)

Copying and pasting into a new file seems to fix the problem. Thank you very much.

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