Material bitmap image - path broken across multiple files

I have a series of about 15 files where I’ve applied a common material to a number of surfaces. I’ve just gone in to make modifications to these files and all of the associated bitmap texture files have been disassociated. If I go into the material editor and repath to the photo then it comes back, but I’d have to do this surface by surface, file by file.

How or why could this material association could have been broken across all of my files? I originally brought it in as a picture frame.

Hi Daniel - the path appears to be a temp one - it looks to me like the error is probably from the Transparency image, not the main one. I suspect you don’t need transparency, probably, for Spruce, so maybe just unchecking that setting will make the extra error display go away…



Thanks for the quick reply. Unchecking the transparency did the trick! That’s a huge relief.

It will be a bit of pain to go through all the files and do this, but at least it’s a quick fix.

How does something like this happen? I didn’t move any of the image files in my directories…



Hi Daniel - I don’t know what happened… Just a shot in he dark, but try RefreshAllTextures… I hope that does not undo any manual fixes you may have made - better save before trying…