MatchSrf with History unstable

Ok, so almost a year later and I managed to create an even simpler example:

GIF 19.06.2020 09-54-48

This is really, really poor. I mean, this is really, really poor.

unstablehistory.3dm (62.1 KB)

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Hello - this is MatchSrf, I assume and not Loft, correct?

RH-59187 MatchSrf - History update glitch


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Sure, different tool, but the error looked the same, so it seemed plausible that it was shared code.

EDIT: Btw, @Pascal, I saw this comment:

I noticed that if I purge history, and UntrimAll the larger surface, then set up a new MatchSrf with History, this seems stable.

Here’s the exact steps I created the surfaces with:

  1. Create a line
  2. Revolve the line
  3. Extract a few iso curves
  4. Split the revolve using the iso curves
  5. ShrinkTrimmedSurface on everything
  6. Move some control points in the Z axis
  7. MatchSrf
  8. You’ve now arrived at the moment before I recorded the above GIF.

So, I guess I didn’t do UntrimAll after ShrinkTrimmedSurface, which first, I didn’t think I’d have to do since I split it using iso curves, and second, I would have thought that MatchSrf wouldn’t work at all with a trimmed edge…

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