MatchSrf Bug

You can’t break history on a surface after running MatchSrf. With History Lock=Yes, the entire surface is uneditable. Setting Lock=No, the control points that influence the matched edge are locked in a weird way (tangentially maybe?), but other control points are free. After editing, the surface still reports it’s history enabled, is uneditable with Lock=Yes, but no longer maintains proper continuity to the target edge.

MatchSrfBug01.3dm (83.7 KB) MatchSrfBug02.3dm (126.0 KB)

I wish that it only locked the rows of control points that influence the edge (like with _Symmetry). Being able to edit all the control points with Average if it becomes history enabled would be very useful.

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Hi Eric - so far this seems to work as expected, here - Unlocking children, fussing with points and letting the update happen all keeps things Tangent. I can’t get that gap you show, so far.
@EricM, FWIW, it depends of course but in general, I find that if I want to match with history and expect the noodle the surface points, matching with ‘Preserve isocurve direction’ gives the most useful control on subsequent edits.


I mostly work in Lock=Yes (and preserve iso direction, but I think I used automatic in that example). That may be what’s frustrating to me.

Is editing the srf supposed to break history? Because it isn’t editable with lock children, and editing doesn’t break history. I’m now in the habit of running HistoryPurge immediately after running MatchSrf because I couldn’t see any other way to work with it.

Yeah, in MatchSrf, the matched surface is both an input and an output, so to speak. I agree that it might need to be ‘special cased’ for locking, to be useful. One for the pile.


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Now that I know how it’s supposed to work, MatchSrf might be a lot more useful.

I guess I am in a very small minority that use Lock=Yes. I had to start doing that when I moved to V6, because I can’t use groups and it was too easy to break history over wise.