MatchPropeties Bug

Hi All

MatchProperties with 1850 Polylines, all options set to true, crashes Rhino. Memory fills up, when it is full Rhino, crashes with the message box Out of Memory.

Btw. the computer has to be restarted, other applications stop working.

Memory leaks?


Hi Silvano - just as a test, can you please try the same operation using
-_Properties _Object _Match
Any different?



Hi Pascal

your test crashes as well:
-_Properties _Object _Match

To be precise, I used the following command:
'-_MatchProperties _Pause _Pause _Enter

It does not happen with all files. I attached two tests. The file MatchProperties OK.3dm is working fine, despite a greater number of curve objects. The file MatchProperties Crash.3dm crashes. In both files I am matching the objects on the default layer to the colored square curve object.

The files are in the rar archive, since they were too big:
MatchProperties Tests.rar (1.6 MB)

My computer has 16 GB of RAM, Rhino fills up the memory rapidly till 13’500 MB, then the UI hangs and after around 10 min. I get the out of memory message.

Hi Sivano - so far this works cleanly and instantly here on both sets of curves. The relevant difference between the two files may be that the one that crashes for you has many many plug-in materials, assigned to the curves. Looks like VRay, is that right?


Yes, I was suspecting VRay already. I will give it a try with it unloaded.