Matching Lists of Data With Text

i’m working with a set of data relating to games of chess and making a form from that data. I’m trying to take the name of the first move and matching that with the amount of turns it took that person to win or lose, and averaging those moves with the amount of times that first move occurs.

In my file is a list of 500 different games that are split into white wins and black wins. I’m trying to use create set to find each distinct move within that list and then using match text to create a pattern for the dispatch command. My issue is that after doing all of this i’m only getting one move to show up at the end as you can see in the picture

What’s happening with the Philidor Defense move is what i want to happen with all of the times that first move occurs in the ~240 times that white wins, but i want it to happen with every other move as well. I’ve attached the grasshopper file for others to take a look at

thanks (20.5 KB)

Hi! I have not idea, but really interested to follow the case. All these sorts of alternative uses of Data and Grasshopper are wonderful.