Matching duplicate curves and summing the value


What I currently have is 3 set of curves: curve list 1, curve list 2, and curve list 3.

Each list has the following:

  1. start point X
  2. start point Y
  3. Endpoint X
  4. EndPoint Y
  5. data score

In the 3 lists, there are some duplicate start and end points but with different data scores.

My aim is to match the duplicate points/curves with the other list and then sum the score between the two points/curves. To be left with a unique score for each curve. I also want to keep the scores that don’t duplicate.

I have tried with equals to match the start point from Curve List 1 and Curve List 2 and then sum the scores, but I am unsure it matched properly? And then the challenge of adding a 3rd list. The addition of the 3rd list isn’t paramount, as I know I can do them in steps, but it would be helpful.

FYI - I know curve list 2 & 3 are the same, I am just using it as an example.

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