MatchCrv in gh


MatchCrv appears in this command list:
However I am unable to find it. Is it available under another commande name ?

Jean P

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Looks like you can get it by double clicking the canvas and typing “#Matchcrv

Strange that it’s hidden from the menus, the component’s obsolete tag isn’t set to True. Then again I couldn’t get it to work for any combination of input curves, it just always returns Null…

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Thanks. Had tried match in the search but did not yield any results.

Was not familiar with the # in front of the search terms… It appears to expand the search to include “old” component… And hidden ones.

  1. Is this then the function of the # ?

  2. Is the command hidden b/c of the issue you mention ?


Yup, usually “#” is for obsolete components which have been replaced by newer better ones.

I wouldn’t know, it’s the first time I’ve seen a non-obsolete hidden component… we’ll have to wait for someone from McNeel to chime in :slight_smile:

On matching adjacent curve continuity, If you’re interested I have some Python snippets from a larger project a while back… might take a while to dig up and untangle.

I am preparing a En-Fr translation of some key rhino commands found in gh, with all the limits such an approach can have given the very different approaches.
So, primarly aimed at beginners… Thanks for offering though !


Yup. There’s a bunch of components that don’t quite or don’t at all work, but I’ve put some effort into them and didn’t want to entirely delete the code, so I just hid them from the standard set for the time being.


here is a match curve component I made sometime ago. Wasn’t made for public, so don’t blame me if it does not work as expected. Its an improved version of ASTools “Fit Curve”.

Always make sure to unblock .gha.

MatchCurve.gha (18.5 KB) (15.0 KB)


I pushed it on git, if somebody is interessed in the source code