Match Text not returning positive values

Hi all,

A rather simple issue which for some reason I cannot figure out;
A Tmatch component has a list of two branches which it is trying to match with another list of two branches. For some reason, I keep getting negative matches even though they are positive. I am not sure what the underlying issue is?

The contents for the pattern are similar in index item 0 to 2 in the first branch, yet returns no values for the corresponding grafted trees {0;1} and {0;2}. Additionally branch {0;3} also seems to be empty while there should be plenty of positive matches.

I added two starts text to the pattern text because I care about all the items which include this text, amongst other text.

Thank you!

Why (14.1 KB)

its a branching issue.

Does Member Index work better in this case?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately member Index does not quite do the job as I am also interested in indexes where only part of the text matches, hence the * * I add.

I’m not sure what you mean by branching issue? Can it be resolved, or do we need to think of a workaround?

You have two main branches {0}{1}

you grafted the 8 text items that were also in {0}{1} so now they don’t match {0;0-3}{1;0-3}. you would need to have corresponding main branches as well (duplicating data), or do the text matches separately.

sorry heading out the door.


Thank you. Your explanation helped me to resolve my issue. Looks like I need to work on branch structure some more :).

Why (26.0 KB)