Match surface, multiple matches doesn't work on mac

So we’re trying to build nice surfaces at school, and we try to create a bottle. We had to match the surface (purple to both blue surfaces) but on the mac-version it doesn’t work. Our teacher is using the windows-version, and he has no clue why it doesn’t work for us.
Is there any advice fot this problem?

bottle_match_srf_multiple.3dm (7.5 MB)

I don’t know what works or doesn’t on a Mac, but there is no good reason to use the multiple-match option to match these edges.

Just match one edge at a time. I would recommend the options “match by closest points” and “preserve isocurve direction”

If you match for tangency or curvature you should also use that same option for the preserve other end.

You might also want to look at manually matching the edges. by making the edge control points in-line with the control points next to the edge.
Turn in the control points in this file to see what I mean. Manual_match.3dm (56.2 KB)

that’s great! It’s really a lot better doing it this way.

Thank you very much for your help!