Match stops short of end

I feel like I’m missing something. What’s going on here?

Duplicate edge shows that the edge extends all the way (on this side… the other side I know about and it’s correct).

Document tolerance is 0.001.

match-stops-003-from-end.3dm (120.2 KB)

hi @eobet the green surface is 0.003 out of tolerance. How was this surface created? If the surface has been joined by forcing a join through JoinEdge, this could be the cause. Without this context it’s hard to say though why the green surface is this far out of tolerance. A normal join could not have caused it since it is > model absolute tolerance.

Did you by any chance change absolute tolerance in the process of creating this?

Imported, but exploded, possibly rebuilt edges and definitely partially re-trimmed.

At one point I did experiment with 0.01 document units, but 0.001 worked best.

Anyway, I ended up merging the entire edge because I rebuilt the fillets which go there and after doing that the match/align worked as expected. Still don’t think that should ever happen, though, regardless of how the surface is built.

Hello- I am not sure I follow - are you saying you’d want the match to follow the out of tolerance edge (it can’t) or that there should be no out of tolerance edges?


The second then, I guess. If Rhino can shout at me for creating “bad objects” why can’t it also shout about “out of tolerance edges” (which is new to me). Better yet, while shouting about it, Rhino should attempt to fix it. But I know, I know. Rhino is a hand tool in a world of powertools (and that’s why it’s good at fixing things when the more automated tools fail… but as with any hand tool it just takes such a damn long time to do any work).

Anyway. This was a particularly crappy model I’ve been posting about (worst I’ve ever seen actually) and now it’s finally weekend! :partying_face:

testMarkOTEdges may come in handy!
Test commands are unsupported and ‘at your own risk’.


Wow, this command is handy! :slight_smile: Is there any chance to make it report “out of tolerance distance” and “out of tolerance tangency” in two separate commands? Currently, it does both checks together.

I wonder why so many hidden test commands are not listed somewhere, so that we can test them out and see if they could be beneficial for us?

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