Match scale between viewports

Is there a way to match the scale between 2 viewports? For example, matching a top view and a front view so I can align the plan with an elevation.


You might try activating Linked Views (View>SetCamera>LinkedViews) - it’s a toggle so running it again deactivates it. There is a toolbar button for this in the Viewport Layout toolbar.

The SynchronizeViews command is a one-shot, but does not link the views further.

I’ll give those a try. Thank you.

Linked views works great once the views are set up. Is there a way to match the scale between views before linking them?

Well, I’m not sure what you are describing with “scale”. Linking the views sets the same zoom level in the (ortho) viewports and aligns the origins. You have to do a quick zoom once to get it to synchronize once you have activated the option.

Ah. Ok.