Match > PickPoint, Add Crosshair to Edit Point

This might be mentioned somewhere, but asking again as I came across it. The PickPoint option for Match Curve isn’t very helpful, because you only get one shot of where to match it to. I get that maybe you’d need to specify the curve that the point will be on - that doesn’t seem an issue to me. I’d rather have that blendcrv style editability, with the corsshair to pick it up and move and snap to stuff too.


Too true…

RH-38150 Match on curve, one more step
RH-9593 More control - Add BlendSrf style handles to Match - wish



Some low numbers!

Also… how about blendcrv style handles/picking to blendsrf. For example, the ‘edges’ style selection from MatchSrf, in blendsrf. Just to save splitting two edges twice, for example, if wanting to blend partially between two surfaces quickly.

Maybe it’s already requested somewhere.

Hello - you get to drag the handles back to where you want them for a partial blend - I am not following what would be different - automatically finding the opposite point on to a handle, to avoid the dragging back? i.e. ‘Blend to closest points’?


Yeah, just for the added convenience of avoid these kind of things.Drag back, lock the intensitty, dial back to 1, repeat…

A closest points could be cool. Although… interestingly, I did just find that I can actually just remove the extreme weird shape and then pick it between points with add shape. Live and learn.

Hi pascal,

Do you think this wish could still have feasibility? It can become very repetitive to have to make the exploded/wild surfaces many times in a session, especially as SplitEdge / MergeAllEdges, whilst good as workarounds, can mess with history enabled objects relaying on the said edges.

I would still add a vote to some way picking the handles, within a long / oversized edge. So all chainedge options and so on are still present, and then you pick your two points on the first edge, then the two points on the second edge.

Let me know if I should provide an example to better explain the issue. In short, it’s that blending between edges that are very different length is sometimes necessary, a partial blend, and that getting the handles repositioned can get really messy sometimes, and then sometimes because of poor initial picking the edges might be flipped creating an invalid surface.

Hello - got that, thanks - let me know of this does not cover it - RH-63203 BlendSrf: set span from closest points



I think that covers it. In short, the intuitiveness of the prompt/style you get when needing to blend between an open and closed edge is a desirable behaviour, in cases between only open edges too.

If not using some form of closest point from the shortest edge logic, even just picking your two sets of edges (including chains) and then being prompted for the points you want the blend between, with maybe a 1 / 2 indication. Commonly with the problem I reported, I produce an invalid surface because the picked points haven’t gone in my favour, due to the edge length difference.

Has it ever been thought, by the way, for a flip direction option too? Like lofts and sweeps, for cases when you do get your edges wrong? Could that be an option in the ‘pick blend point to adjust’ step? In those messy cases above, i can do the manipulation only to find the start and end points have been interpreted wrong on one side.

This would also have the benefit of flexibility - so the handles that you’ve picked could still go as far up and down the edge chains you have picked. Split Edge is a little limiting - it basically is like plucking a guess for how far you think the blend should go. And like I mentioned, Needing the edge back can muck with history a bit.