Match curve question

I get a backwards match problem in this instance with a tutorial model “scoop.3dm”. I seem to have issues with curve direction as well as normals in my modeling. I don’t know if there’s a setting I could change or a pref. Anyone know why the below is happening and how to diagnose it ?
Scoop.3dm (313.8 KB)

The problem appears to be very simple. It has nothing to do with curve direction.

Match matches the ends of curves and polycurves. It picks the end of each curve curve/polycurve which is “closest” to the selected location along the curve/polycurve.

Your target “curve” is a polycurve and Match matched the end closest to the location you picked. To match to the end of the curve segment at the kink you need to first Explode the polycurve into segments and match to the desired segment; or first use ExtractSubCrv to extract the segment you want to match to. Then chose the separate curve near the desired end.

Okay, thanks David. I was wondering also why I often get surfaces formed where the normals are reversed. I know this because I set up the ghosted mode to show the front/back-inside/outside of surfaces. Going through the tutorial model for instance making a surface and checking it’s smoothness I have to flip the normals before getting the zebra to display. Is there a standard method of choosing profile lines to keep the surfaces created from them normal to the construction plan?

Some shots:

The surface was lofted torn the two lines and then matched to the smaller surface.


For my work the directions of the surface normals rarely is critical. I have Rhino setup so that I see zebra stripes, etc on both sides. So I usually ignore which way the normals are facing, and use Flip to fix them if there is a problem.