Master button to control sequence of actions


I have a script which requires sequence of actions to be triggered by more buttons in specific order.
I want to control the whole action with ONLY one master button which would trigger other buttons one by one in a given order.

How to do it? I tried via gate filter but no succsess.

The target of each button needs to know if that button is true OR if master button is true, so plug an Or component in each button with the master button and replace target wire with it.

I dont think you understand what i want to achieve.

All those 4 buttons do some action. More specifically: 1 bake referenced object to temporary layer 2 read attributes from temporary object 3 write attributes to other object 4 erase temporary objects.

Those are 4 separate functions which need to be called one by one in given order.

I just dont want to click 4 buttons when i can press only one button and all these functions will be proceeded one by one, when each previous one is finished other is triggered.

No, I don’t understand the reason for seeking this solution, I lack information.

If you also operate in Rhino then it can changes your problem a lot. Isn’t it possible to concatenate all operations in GH using the buttons as dams and ordering the flow, as a normal definition? Or do you really need to manually interact at the end of each action? In this case, the Data Dam component does not work for you as buttons?

This is an example what i want to do:
1 reference geometry, add some attributes and bake it to some layer
2 reference the baked object from step 1
3 bake object from step 2 to another layer
4 delete objects on layer (objects from step 1)

This is basically what i want to do WITH one button. I am not able to define the order of actions executed on the canvas when i press the button.

I need to click ONE button and get things done like if i manually clicked “Activate” one by one in my defined order… (12.0 KB)

You don’t need to bake to assign attributes. You can do it with Human.

I have to bake because in case you want to delete some attributes the only way how to do it is to delete ALL attributes with elefront. So baking is only mean how to make a copy of object attributes in case you are modifying atributes with adding or removing some.

So finally I made it working thanks to data dams which you recommended but with some help of metahopper (i had to trigger data dam with button remotely). Last thing i need to do is to solve how to delay output of button component. Still i have to press 4 buttons to trigger four different data dams but i would like to just hit one button and have some component to delay true false by a little period. Do you think it is an easy task in terms of some custom script which i have never done before? Basically i need a script component with two inputs 1 data 2 delay, output would be data delayed by delay parameter. (325.5 KB)

This is my whole script which should be able to change attributes according to item category etc…