[MASTER BUG?] Rhino 8 local origins for individual objects?


FBX import export true local origins for individual regular objects.
I import an FBX with custom local origins, but Rhino ignores them.
And place the objects in the wrong position.
I try to move the Relocate Gumball, but in Rino 8, it loses the position; bug?
Next, I try to move the Relocate Gumball in Rino 7,
but they lose their location when exporting them in FBX.

Looks like missing a hierarchical name list of nested objects by pivot point.

It is a master bug because it is impossible to have a constant workflow between software.
Workaround was exported as few times as possible. Move and rotate manually.

ps: bug example RH-52783, and presume RH-66325, RH-63060, etc…

Are developers working on this critical feature?
Is there any plug-in? For example, did Bongo fix this problem and import-export correctly?

the only concept in rhino that matches your “hierarchical name list of nested objects” is nested blocks

An object pivot has been added to objects for V8. Getting the IO plugins to support it is logged as an issue here.