Mass Multiplication component - Wrong tooltip


When adding the Mass Multiplication component we see that it has the same tag on it
Which is “MA”, same as Mass Addition, also, when hovering the mouse over the Mass Multiplication
It shows the same tooltip as the Mass Addition component which is “perform mass addition of a list of items”
As shown in the image below:

It’s not affecting the results though
I’m using Rhino 6.4

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I see this and will create a bug report (when the system is online again).

Any reason for staying behind?

The reason i don’t update quickly is that i’m basically a 3D visualizer, and i use 3DS Max since 2003 for my work,
So i’m not related to any manufacturing industry or anything like that. But since few years i’m using Rhino and Grasshopper to help me with complex shapes, that i cannot create/modify with the same speed/precision in 3DS Max. The final end result of my work is just a photo created in 3DS Max + Vray.

Yup, thanks, fixed it.

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