Mass and Weight Calculations

I am wondering if anyone can tell me how mass and weight are calculated in a model. I am trying to analyse a structure with an allowance for corrosion. So in terms of strength, there is 1mm of thickness removed but in terms of weight and mass there is no reduction.

I have used the modify cross-section component to modify the section properties. I am concerned that by modifying the section properties I may inadvertently reduce the weight/mass of the beams.

Hello @alexander.griffiths,

in Karamba3D the calculation of weight is done by multiplying an element’s volume by the specific weight gamma of its material.

In order to get to the mass the weight is divided by the acceleration of gravity g as defined in the karamkba.ini-file. In case of working with SI-units g defaults to 10m/s², in case of Imperial Units g=9.80665m/s².

If you want to keep the weight constant you could specify materials with modified gamma values.

– Clemens

Hi @cp1 ,

Thanks for the response. Very helpful as always.

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