Mars4 game + Rhino collab?

Mars4 game has used LIDAR analysis of Mars, done by Nasa, to create a virtual Mars planet exactly like the real one. Wouldn’t it be productive for the Rhino community to use the virtual planet to begin buying virtual land and building on it ? Rhino team should contact Mars4 and collaborate so we could integrate the virtual Mars into Rhino. A Mars plug-in for grasshopper maybe ?

Not sure why one would want to pay for NFT stuff when you could get the necessary data from PGDA - The Whole MOLA Catalog ? I don’t see the value in this particular project for Rhino or the Rhino community.

nope. It would be productive for MARS$. But if you want, since Pluto is no Planet any more, demands have dropped and I have about 25 apartments on Pluto to sell. You’ll even get a certificate that proofs that it’s yours. Wouldn’t that be productive?

I’ve managed to acquire the rights to a stock of tulips. Offers invited. Interest in this will be manic.