Marking Curvature Zero Crossings?

Could be I’m missing something obvious, but can’t seem to find it on my own - Is there a way to mark the curvature zero crossing of a curve or surface edge? If you have an s curve - is there a quick and easy way to find exactly where it goes form concave to convex?

Yep - the Curvature command will snap to those locations (black dot)


Oh many thanks!

even quicker - testExtractInflectionPoints


Errrr wait, that’s not working for me. I’m getting this:

But hoping for this:

I tried the test command, but it returned nothing.

Hello - can you post the curve?


Of course!

CurvatureMarking.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hm - yeah… that curve never has the graph actually crossing the curve - it never gets to zero, being curved in 3d.


Ahhh a little SetPt and all is right with the world. Thanks!