Mark specific area of surface without splitting

I’m working on a project where we would like to mark different areas on a polysurface, is it possible to do so without splitting the polysurface or having z-fighting occurring?

Example corner I would like to color differently

Splitting the polysurface and changing display color.
This is what i would like it to look like but without having to split the polysurface.

Using the split object and overlapping it with the original polysurface creates z-fighting


Hej Emil -

That is not possible, no.

From your description and pictures, it’s not clear, though, if you have two separate objects here or if you have split the faces, joined everything back again, and then sub-object selected the faces that needed a different color. The latter would be the recommended way to do this.

In that picture there’s two separate objects with different display colors to show the affected area.

If I were to join it back togheter and then MergeAllCoplanarFaces it still leaves me with some split faces.

The process were doing is as follows -
“Mark area with color > Send to client and wait for ok > Remove the marked area”


Hi Emil -

The surfaces that are non-planar will still be split, yes.

I’m not sure if you understood that those can be a single polysurface with different colors?

In that case, it sounds like you might want to keep the original, non-split, object on a hidden layer (or export to an external file)…

maybe you can create a different display mode to use as marker. for example a copy of ghosted view with more transparency and hiding edges and isocurves:

then you create the shape to mark the area and choose _SetObjectDisplayMode to use that different display mode on those objects.

Interesting solution!
This should work for what I’m trying to achieve!
I’ll try this out :+1: