Marine propeller design

I want to make a 3d model of a marine propeller. I have every needed information and the table data for the blade sections and I make the interpolation. Then I use the networksrf command to create the surface. I also use the joinedge command to get the polysurface. I take a measure for the volume of the blade but it is always lower than the supposed one.
Is there another way to make it right?

Hi Bill, it is impossible to guess what you are trying to achieve without the same info as you have and not sharing it here.If you upload the file maybe someone will take it on . I would imagine a prop to be a challenge.
I just looked in Grabcad. There were a few in there you might see if you can learn how someone else has done one.—-Mark

Propellers are a little harder then that. Using joinedge is not good. The standard join command will only join it the surfaces are within tolerance. This is an important check. Joinedge ignores this accuracy check.

A sample file would be great to see.

sample.3dm (75.9 KB)

the attached file has the curves and I want to make the surfaces. what method should I follow?

I am new to Rhino.

In Grabcad there are lots of examples but I cant understand the way they are designed?
Thanks for the replies

I will take a look at the model when I can.

Have you watched this video? It deals with end tips too:

Hi Bill, I worked with your input lines. One of the cross section lines was a little off or reversed. I also made a single surface on the flat edge, then split the cross section lines in half, then used 2 rail sweep with all the cross section lines (crvs). this is a heavy surface but it has a look of being close. does it help? — Mark

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