Marching cubes for grasshopper?

I’m trying to remesh a brep in grasshopper using marching cubes. Is there a good marching cubes component available in grasshopper? I couldn’t find anything.

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You can give these threads a look:

Is there a reason you could not use Convex hull, Delauney under mesh Triangulation?

There is another interesting blog about it here: “which uses the marching-cubes algorithm and which is now also available in Grasshopper thanks to Tudor Cosmat.” - I cannot find that, can anyone else?


Does Mesh From points fro UTo do what you want:

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Thanks Scott. I was trying to go from a brep to an ugly mesh. The Delaunay triangulation goes from a point cloud to a mesh. They look useful, but I would probably need to randomly sample the brep into a point cloud first.

I went ahead and coded up marching cubes in c#, as a grasshopper definition. It’s not the fastest in the world, but did what I needed to… :smile: KB)

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