Marbles in an infinity mirror

This image was made using Bella Render, and was just having some fun learning with various glass and glowing bits and bobs, and an infinity mirror. There’s a little post just to alter the tone slightly.


what are the benefits of bella render over Vray/Enscape. i mean what what is unique and extra in bella render that no other render solutions are not providing.

It’s mostly philosophy and workflow over actual tangible features. They care about removing abstractions from PBR systems to ensure that most or all settings you interact with have to do with actual physical parameters of the model, instead of non-tangible aesthetic ideas. Aside from that, Bella is focused on delivering accurate and deep optical physics for more accurate caustic rendering.

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I think there is no way I can answer this question without a display of bias anymore, my experience has been that good.

However, from my amateur perspective, it is the simplicity it takes to learn, combined with the hard and very real physics, and the major advantage of not being enslaved to the modern dystopia of subscribing until the end of time.

I ask @jdhill stupid questions, and he gives me direct answers, the user support is second to none for me.

You can see more of my personal experience here:

But honestly, I think talking to the guys at Bella isn’t a bad shout. They are all a welcoming group, and Jeremy is often on these forums anyway. Beyond that, it can only be down to application and user experience I would imagine.