Maquetools - Detect & SELECT Overlapping Curves ~ OR ~ Create Contiguous Grid from Multi Crvs?


Is there a way to make your “Detect Overlapping Crvs” actually select the overlaps? This would be helpful when I do the Offset multi crvs on a grid of crvs, and then want to delete the overlapping corners, and combine. (see attached file - it has some of the corners already deleted.


Is there a tool to make this gridding?

grid overlapping crvs.3dm (1.8 MB)

I don’t understand what the goal is with your file - what you would like as an end result…

Thanks @Helvetosaur, here’s a super cheesey version of what I want to end up with. Obviously there are some easier ways to create this, but sometimes what i was asking about above is the workflow I need/would like to use.

Well, this kinda looks like CurveBoolean territory… Depending on the complexity, select your overlapping curves, CB, click once outside all to get the outer perimeter, then click once in each “hole”…

It’s a little difficult to automate this stuff, as it’s hard to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to throw away without human input.

Yeah, Boolean Crvs is what I am able to do a lot of the time, but there are times that I’m doing multi offsets and I’m left with a bunch of overlapping curves at intersections that I need to select all of them and delete, and left with the same as if I was able to do the Booleans.

So to be able to get the overlaps at intersections so I can delete would be helpful


Try the Make2D command.

Well, below is an experimental script I developed a little while back. It should split everything at overlaps and attempt to eliminate all duplicates… In your situation, I don’t know if it will really help much though. Give it a shot FWIW… (5.1 KB)

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Hm, yeah I think that’s for a different problem, but I did check it out. I’m sure it will come in useful in another situation, thank you.

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