Mapping widget disappears -bug

I bumped across this situation many times, when the mapping widget disappears and reappears in some far away position.

Is this a known bug? please check the video below:

So, it looks like when you are inside BlockEdit, and you resize the mapping to 1by1by1 it jumps to the World origin - am I reading that correctly?



You are not reading entirely correct.
I’m in BlockEdit, and I am making x=y=z. (not 1,1,1)
The widget gets somewhere far away but not in the world origin.

Ok @pascal i notice that there’s a mirroring happening. Look into this screenshot:

The box widget seems to be mirrored on the X axis when I press the X=Y=Z button

Hi Bogdan - I see, thanks - if you can save off that one object and post or send the file to that would be helpful - my test here could not make anything like this happen, so there is some other factor that I am not reproducing.


my steps are:
open the block
assign a material with texture
create a box map by world or cplane, capped
click the X=Y=Z button, and widget disappears.
assign 1000 as values for x,y,z and widget shows up mirrored by X axis.

I have to test before sending you some file.

OK, so the applying of the texture and mapping an the step to make it disappear are all in the same session of BlockEdit - I did not do it that way - let me have a try, thanks.
Hm, still not…


yes, try the same session of blockedit.

Hi @pascal

you can find a file here and another video.210127BC box texture map bug.3dm (111.6 KB)

even if the geometry is not inside a block the widgets gets mirrored by X axis when i press the X=Y=Z button.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that the geometry is a mesh?

Hello - I am at a loss so far - this does not happen here-

Is that what you expected to see?


Yes, this is what i would expect, but instead, when i press the button the widget just moves on the Y axis, so i get the box somewhere mirrored on the XZ plane. you can see that in my video.

What can it be?