Mapping Visual Complexity of Images

Hi Rhino Forum, I’m wondering if anyone has used Grasshopper to map the visual complexity of an image in the form of a heatmap of some type. I came across 3M’s Visual Attention software that acts as a digital eye mapping tool which I thought could be an interesting tool in facade studies though it’s a paid subscription after the free trial. My Grasshopper skills are mediocre but I’m under the impression there’s some sort of script possible that could analyze an image this way, perhaps through a heatmap identifying areas across a sample grid with a large variety of colors, contrast or brightness, etc. which could act as potential indicators of visual interest. If this is beyond the capabilities of GH, would python be a good place to start exploring? If anyone has any ideas on how something like this could be created (or if it’s even possible) I would appreciate it!

This can be quite easily done with the Image Sampler component! Simply search for it here, and you’ll find lots of examples to get you started.

Scripting doesn’t seem necessary for this, although learning Python can greatly improve your Grasshopper experience and life in general. :wink:

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