Mapping issues (Refreshshade ineffective) - Block edit stops render


(Hny) #1

We have an office-wide problem where mapping of objects (often boxmapping) do not affect objects. This did happen in Rhino 5 too, but not nearly as often and it was for the most part easy to fix with a RefreshShade command. Now this do not fix it, and we have to use the more agressive Explode-Join technique.
Is this a commen issue others experience as well, and is there a know cause we can try to avoid. I cant include a file which will show the issue, since it seems to happen a bit at random. Of cause it do not, but i havent found the link to a specific action yet.

An other issue which has reviled itself is when rendering (in V-ray), the render stops if we use blockedit. The render also somtimes stops if we use hide, Showselected, isolate and other commands which seem to lock or interact with the geometry. This seems to be general, and not model specific. Can other confirm they get the same error?