Mapping during Rendering Mess

What’s going on with the mapping on the sunburst when rendering from the Render Window?
see 3 views below
shaded viewport
rendered viewport
actual render


That looks like overlapping geometry.

There is no overlapping geometry in the file that I could find.

Huh, that’s definitely what it looks like. What renderer are you using? Can you post the file?

have you tried just rendering out some simple surfaces to see if you get the same result ?

Here’s the file. I also had a problem with simpler surfaces earlier where the maps were shifting.
HELLO_NY_SIGN 004.3dm (1.0 MB)

delete the box mapping channel you have and remake it using defaults of bounding box and capped and it rendered fine for me. FYI attached are screen shot of props of one on right that was in .3dm, and props after deleting and remaking it…

Now why look wasn’t same in viewport to rendered output I’ll leave up to McNeel guys

Worked great Chris. Thanks for your help.