Mapping boundary and randomly generated surfaces to an existing surface

I have been trying to develop a surface wave for my current architectural project. The point was to design a wave with a hexagonal structure as the base system to the landscape. My hopes would for this to be a surface application noticeable from the street with the random infill cells set to different layers(grass/concrete for rendering). Though the problem I’m having is applying both the random infill and extruded boundary surfaces to the existing surface. I have tried to create surfaces from the plines generated from the EvalSrf within the srf apply grouping but have been unable to figure out a solution. These are a series of scripts that work by themselves but am struggling to merge them into a cohesive design.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate any suggestions!!

Edit-1: The srf apply grouping was created because I was having difficulties applying the original offset grid to an existing srf. It was a different way to attach the curves or generate the curves on the existing srf. Some of this work was class tutorials and code found online. (25.9 KB) wave3.3dm (15.2 MB)