Mapping a texture to a curved surface


I am trying to figure out something I am sure many users on this forum will understand immediately so I am going to ask as a matter of expediency. The attached file shows a curved surface cloned from my main project. Beside it is a kind of stepped profile which I would like to lay onto the curved surface. Can someone help me with the process? I think this is UV mapping but my Youtube and other research is not so clear. I guess one thing I do not understand is what format the curved surface needs to be in to effect the mapping.ForumPost 01.5dm.3dm (5.4 MB)

Once I achieve the mapping my intention was to polar array the piece across the entire design. Is this the right approachg?


I have been able to achieve a certain amount using Flow Along a Surface however I have not been able to figure out how to make or align the stepped profile to the Top profile.

Hi! First of all, run SelDup, and delete duplicate polysurfaces. Now copy-extract the base rectangle surface of the stepped figure (command ExtractSrf with Copy=Yes). Flip this rectangle. Compare the UV directions of the base surface, and the one along which you want the shape to flow. See that non of these two is trimmed. If it is, than duplicate edges, and sweep a new surface.

Hello Onetech

So I did all this but it is not clear where you are taking this. I am missing some knowledge. Can you explain further?


OK. FlowAlongSrf to work correctly requires the input to meet certain criteria, one of which is that the reference surfaces have the same U and V direction (check with _Dir), and that they are not trimmed. So, this is wrong:

Should be more like this with the same U, V, and normal: