Mapping a graphical design on a box

Hi everyone, I would like to map a graphical design on a box. See the simple example. It is going to be an unrolled design in witch a graphic designer is going to do his 2d design. After that, I want to fold the 2d design back on my 3d model.
How is this best done? It should be simple as possible, as it is going to be a repeated process.

Is there maybe a plugin that automates this process?


your example can’t bee seen here.

Here a workflow I used:

  • export your 3D object as OBJ to Unfold3D
  • manual apply cuts to edges you like (orange edges at the screenshot)
  • unfold your object by pressing the unfold button
  • export the layout of the unfolded object for your 2D designer
  • export the object with unfolded UV back to Rhino, assign the texture created by your 2D designer and use it for visualization

Less comfortable, but for free: you use the Rhino mapping UV editor. Here your object sides are not connected unfolded und you need to manual arrange the unconnected UV islands.

I use an old version of Unfold3D and I’m happy about the easy usage and the good quality. I recommend you to look at some of the tutorial videos at the home page.


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For a simple box, you can do this as well directly in Rhino, using the UnWrap command, select edges and then use UVEditor


Interesting, I didn’t know it. Thank you,