Map curves to entire surface, not just small part of surface


Have been making this script over the last few days and I just can’t seem to get past this one problem I’m having.

I have made a teardrop curve from a circle and tangent lines. Have joined this together, copied it, moved it, lofted between creating a teardrop surface:

I have then mapped shapes to this surface. The problem is the tear drop surface is reading as two surfaces even though there is no seam defining the two:

What I want is the tear drop surface to look like what I have made on a plane, with curves mapped over the whole teardrop surface not just the round part of the tear drop:

Any help is much appreciated.

Tear (51.5 KB)

Your lofted surface has a very unevenly distributed UV domain and the wrong seam position.

Using Rebuild Curveis one possible option but after that, your curve is not the original curve any more.

Tear (26.6 KB)

Wow thank you! That makes sense. I did try the rebuild curve at one point but did not use the discontinuity. Thank you for your help