Map curve to curve

Hi Guys,

I got a black line and I want to map it to the series of vertical lines
at the back to form a curve (in blue) that follow the alignment shape of the vertical lines,
any help? imagine the black line is in z plane and projecting towards the lines at the back.

Post your file and someone will help you…

Divide curve, offset points and (16.2 KB)

Hi Martin,

Here is the gh file, thanks.

Not exactly sure what the result is supposed to look like.

First of all the black line is not a line, it’s a curve. The region you wante to use to trim the vertical lines isn’t planar, so I projected it onto a plane. This way it can be capped.

The vertical lines were a flat list of 22 lines. I would keep the tree structure.

Divide curve, offset points and (20.8 KB)

PS: if this solves your trim problem in the other topic you created, try to delete it.

Thanks Martin,
This what I am looking wherein the black lines needs to be mapped
to the vertical lines at the back which quite similar to the curve map
to surface, my question is there are lines that are not cut close to the middle?


Sorry I do no understand.

These lines? thanks


Oh these are in the tree path {4} and I extracted them for illustration purpose. You can right click the tree branch component which is highlighted in my screenshot and deactivate preview.