Many topics on API pages are missing syntax

Most (but not all) of the methods in the ObjectTable class are missing syntax and parameter entries.

For example ObjectTable.Replace()

Fortunately the old site still works.

hi Mitch, thanks. Did you see this on other classes as well, or is only ObjectTable affected?
WWW-2182 Many class methods are missing syntax

Haven’t looked much further, but yes, there seems to be a general problem, Materials and Layer table methods are also affected, most if not all DocObjects methods are affected etc. Something got moved and the pages lost their references?

thanks, I will have a closer look

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like it was caused by a change that I made yesterday to enable mouseover tooltip for enum values.
It should be fixed now.

Dunno, this is what I’m getting now with the my desktop shortcut link to the site:


Is the link now no longer valid?

But yes, the syntax and parameters are back once I click on a class/method, thanks!

Looks like somewhere along the way redirect links from the old site broke. Working on fixing it now.

This should be fixed now