Manupulate solids with their base points on a grid

Hello, everyone,

for a project I want to build up a collection of forms, which I want to manipulate and extend more and more.
The picture below hopefully shows my first idea of it quite well. I have already built the basic shapes (fig.1,2,3) in Rhino.

Each iteration with changed shapes was very time-consuming, which I hope to change with GH.
Despite some attempts, tutorials and forum posts, I am now stuck and don’t know how to finish the whole thing.
And just for the record, I’m a beginner :wink: (16.1 KB)

Your curves plugged into Orient are not internalised.

sorry beginner mistake…

Here is the correct File. (16.1 KB) (25.5 KB)

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Thank you very much!!! :exploding_head:

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Hey Jakinta,

sorry to bring this up again.
How did you actually go about developing the basic form?
I have looked at the file several times now, but I couldn’t understand the whole process of creating the shapes. Is the information in the file complete or is there something internalized?
Could you perhaps send the first steps as a video, I know it is a lot to ask.
It is, I guess, elementary for me to understand, how the process of the formation of the forms happens.
A shape grammar is generated, if I understand it correctly, which is then oriented to the grid and thus changes the shapes. But how do you shape the basic element? And how is the basic element then changed in its shape?

Hey, nothing is internalised.
Essential part is, as always with GH, data matching.
When you have that fully grasped, everything is pretty much straight-forward.
My advice is to select branch by branch for every step. In that manner you can better deconstruct the process in your mind.

It’s really hard to grasp the basics, despite all the tutorials…
Ok, ther is no shortcut, i guess… :smiley: