Manual for XNurbs Request

Is it possible to read that manual online (before buying the product)?

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you can download it, it comes with the manual

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Because xNURBS is very easy to use, some longtime xNURBS users do not read the xNURBS manual at all and do not even bother or know how to open the xNURBS manual. (Without reading xNURBS manual, users may only be able to use xNURBS for very limited applications, e.g., patching a simple n-sided hole. They can easily setup Conflict Constraints. Conflict Constraints cause poor surface quality. Also, they can easily mess up the surface, i.e., xNURBS may not reliably generate a surface from Conflict Constraints.)

When installing xNURBS, a copy of xNURBS manual is also installed. To access XNurbs manual, users can:

simply type “XNurbsHelp” at the Rhino command prompt
or click the XNurbs help icon in the XNurbs toolbar
or click the Help button at the bottom of XNurbs dialog
or directly open “XNurbsHelp.chm”, which provides the detailed instruction for using the plugin.
or download a copy from our website:

For SolidWorks, simply click the help icon (refer to the screenshot below. @thomas_parel ).

Maybe users have a better idea to bring up the xNURBS manual?

The manuals should be translated into every language (including mine, Italian). Only English is a big discrimination!

Except for English, xNURBS manual has been translated into German, French and Japanese. Once xNURBS Grasshopper is available, some Grasshopper developers might be keen to translate the manual into other languages.

While there is no learning curve for xNURBS and users can design high-quality surfaces within minuter after xNURBS installation, Quote from xNURBS manual “You should understand the discussions in the “Rules” section before using XNurbs in professional design!”.