Manipulating 360 degrees a rendered object

You often see an image of say, a camera, which seems to be a 3d object that you can manipulate with your mouse. For instance on websites where they sell cameras e.g.
Can this be done with Rhino? I tried enscape but the rendered movie did not look very good.

Kind regards, René

Yes, Camera command does it. Before using the Camera command, turn on at least two viewports. When the camera widget appears, manipulate it by moving its control points. F6 key toggles the visibility of the camera.

Hi Rene - probably what you’re thinking of is closest to the ‘named view’ (i.e. saved view) camera widget. Use NamedView to save a view - then in named view panel you can enable the camera widgets for any named views and manipulate these.


No, that is not what i am looking for. I want to be able to put an object i designed in my website so that a visitor can turn it around and look at the object from all sides by manipulating the obejct with his mouse.

PDF file format supports 3D objects in a format called Universal 3D (U3D). Adobe Reader supports these 3D objects. Unfortunately, Rhino and most PDF viewers do not support these 3D objects. Other 3D formats (VRML, 3DMLW, COLLADA, O3D, X3D) are less popular. Rhino supports X3D, COLLADA, and VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

You might want to look at the Iris plug-in from Luis Fraguada. You can find it on the food4Rhino website. has this option

Hi @rene1

If I understand you correctly, there are a couple of ways to do this:

One is to render out a sequence of images and use software to display them as the user drags across the webpage. If you Google “360 rotate webpage” or similar a lot of options will pop up. Most are - I think - Java-based, and there’s probably some free ones out there. I know that the Keyshot render engine (and probably others) has a plugin specifically for this called Keyshot XR.

Another way would be an actual 3D model. Take a look at Iris for Rhino. Also check 3D PDF. Simlab Soft has a cheap 3D PDF exporter for Rhino. If you have access to Adobe CC, you can actually make them using Photoshop and Acrobat, but it’s not the most intuitive workflow (and not all browsers support inline display of 3D PDF’s, I think). Also check out Sketchfab, which also lets you embed uploaded 3D on webpages - so Does and Google’s 3D Warehouse (via Sketchup).

And those are just a few of the options… there’s a lot of different platforms to choose from - try to Google “3D model on webpage” or similar.

But directly from “vanilla” Rhino, no. Iris is probably your best bet in terms if “embeddedness” :slight_smile:

What did you not like about Enscape? The things that I’ve seen made in Enscape blew me away, but haven’t tried it myself.

HTH, Jakob

Edit: I see that @KeithR and @Helvetosaur beat me to it :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a photo real looking solution, than the key word is “turntable animation”. The Rhino command _SetTurnTableAnimation allow to render an object from views around.

Later you can use the images to create a flash/html/mov turntable. My favorite tool is

If you want to create a multirow turntable, it means you can view from upper and lower view angle too, than there was a free Rhino turntable tool from Jarek. Let me know if you need it.

One aspect I don’t like on the turntable render tools - the camera is turning around the object and so the lighting on the object is constant. For example it means, the left side of the object get the left light always. I think better looking is if the object is turning during the camera is fixed. It’s more like holding the object in the hand and turn it. This can be done per Bongo animation. I did it in the past.
(If you animate a simple cube, set your design object as child of the cube and hide the cube, than you can quick use your setup for other design object later by setting it as child.)

If you don’t look for a render solution than I would look at the Simlab Composer. There are several options, for example you can create 3D PDF, also baking the lighting should be possible.

Wow! Thanks for all the advice. I downloaded iris and will take a look at it. Keyshot looks amazing but a bit price for only this as i allready use Vray.
I will allso take a look at the possibilities that Micha mentioned. I have Bongo and was thinking of making such an animation but lacking the knowledge of the next step to get it into a website.

Kind regards, René

Hi Micha

i tried set turntable animation and filled in the various fields and pushed the OK button.Nothing is happening si i guess there is a next step. Please enlighten me.

I think i got it. Record animation i guess.

Here an example of Rhino+Vray+Turntable (press 3D button)

In this case my client got the single frames and his web programmer build the turntable control.

In the past I use the nice free DevalVR player to play object turntable MOV.

The development is stoped, but the player is still available. It’s a very nice tool, great display quality. I use it as viewer for 360° panos too. Simple drag and drop images or mov files on the exe. Maybe the packer license can be still bought. This allow you to create direct playable exe files containing the mov/images.